My Dog Just Had Puppies?


Your dog having puppies can be a very exciting time but can also be stressful. If your dog is in labor, you should try to stay close but do not interfere unless she seems like she or one of the puppies are in distress. Most female dogs will have the natural instinict to birth and take care of her puppies with no interventions. There may be a time that she will have a problem or one of the puppies may get stuck and your will need to help.
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1. Give her as much water as she can drink. Your dog is not only eating for four or five or six, she's drinking for them too. She will lose a lot of hydration as she feed her puppies
You can bathe the mother any time. Just make sure she is dry and free of all soap before returning her to the puppies. Puppies can be left alone safely for an hour as long as they
Put a heating pad set on a low setting in the bottom of a box and cover with
They are not a breed, they are Mutts or Mixes whichever you prefer to call them. If anyone asks you, just tell them that the puppies are Bichon/Poodle Mixes.
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