My Dog Just Had Puppies Now What?


Congratulations! You have a litter! Now, just let the mother dog do her job in caring for the pups. During this time, your job is to make sure the mother and babies are in a safe place, and that mother is receiving proper nutrition. Once the pups are weaned, you will be able to adopt them out.
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1. Give her as much water as she can drink. Your dog is not only eating for four or five or six, she's drinking for them too. She will lose a lot of hydration as she feed her puppies
You can bathe the mother any time. Just make sure she is dry and free of all soap before returning her to the puppies. Puppies can be left alone safely for an hour as long as they
Wow, that's a great news, isn't it ? Time to celebrate : I am sure if you search the net, you will get loads of write ups from experts about new born litter care as well as care for
Put a heating pad set on a low setting in the bottom of a box and cover with
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Your dog having puppies can be a very exciting time but can also be stressful. If your dog is in labor, you should try to stay close but do not interfere unless ...
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