My Dog Smells like Fish?


The reason your dog smell like fish is because of a yeast infection or dog Candida. This gives off an awful smell and is caused by poor-quality diets, use of specific drugs and over-vaccination. You should take the dog to a vet to determine the cause of the smell and offer the appropriate treatment.
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This is something that happens to my dog and what it is caused by is an anal gland that releases a hormone. You can have the gland drained at a vet or at a groomers. They say it leaks
1. Pour one-third cup of glycerin into a plastic container. Add 1 cup lemon-scented dish detergent, 1 cup white vinegar and 1 qt. warm water to the container. Close the container
it's in a relationship. with a fish.
Well, to give a frame of reference, we have 5 million receptors for smell in our nose which makes us pretty good at sniffing out body odor. Meanwhile, our dog friends have 300 million
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Well, he probably found some dead fish carcass to roll in! Dogs are notorious for loving anything that smells horrible to us. The stinkier it is, the better ...
The first and most likely reason why your dog's breath smells like fish dental problems such as gum diseases. However, bad breath may also be due to larger medical ...
When dogs get wet, they sometimes can take on a fishy smell. You can get rid of the smell by cleaning and washing your dog using shampoo. This not only helps with ...
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