How to Get Your Last Paycheck from a Former Employer?


When a former employer refuses to cut the employee's last pay check, sometimes government mediation or legal assistance is required. Make sure that a written request is done in writing first, after the expected pay date has passed, to show that an attempt was made in good faith. If they still refuse, seeking legal aid may be the only course of action.
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It depends on the geography. In US, the only information employer might release are the dates of employment. That's it. So, make friends with your coworkers and put them as references
ain't Louisiana great? you can NOT file a wage claim with the state of Louisiana the Workforce Commission has no enforcement powers: What is the law concerning payment of wages to
You should contact the Better Business Bureau and see if they can help you
It is allowed to deduct an overpayment,however, they should not have deducted it below minimum wage. Legally they should have left you minimum wages in your paycheck and deducted
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