How to Get Your Last Paycheck from a Former Employer?


When a former employer refuses to cut the employee's last pay check, sometimes government mediation or legal assistance is required. Make sure that a written request is done in writing first, after the expected pay date has passed, to show that an attempt was made in good faith. If they still refuse, seeking legal aid may be the only course of action.
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If your employer gives a false reference you may be able to seek legal action against them in a narrow range,especially if their reference is defamatory personally or because you
contact the wage and hour commission of your state and the federal one also (look in the blue pages) and if you worked any overtime and didn't get time and a half you can collect
Please call you local department of labor (sometimes called the dept of industrial relations, or labor board) Go visit their office. In most states, they MUST pay you within 72 hours
Call a local employment attorney. Sue them. Most statutes for nonpayment provide for attorneys fees.
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