What are the rules of Skip-Bo?


The object of the card game Skip-Bo is to play and empty all the cards in your personal stock pile in numerical order, according to the official rules of the Mattel game. Four building piles around the common draw deck in the center must be started with a Skip-Bo card or a one. A Skip-Bo is a wild card and can be used for any card from one to 12.

The number of cards in a personal stockpile can vary depending on the number of people playing. Typically, the number is 15. The piles around the deck start at one and work their ways up to 12, at which point they are then discarded and eventually shuffled back into the common draw deck. At the beginning of each player's turn, he must draw until he has five cards in his hand. Cards must be played in ascending numerical order from one to 12. If no card can be played, the player must discard any card into a discard pile in front of him. This ends the player's turn. Discard piles can go in any order, but the top card of each pile must be played first. Discarded cards can be used as well as cards from a hand during a turn. If a player runs out of cards in his hand during his turn, he can draw five more from the common draw. He continues playing until he cannot play a card. Those who break rules of Skip-Bo, such as drawing too many cards from the common draw, must place those cards at the bottom of his stockpile.

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Set Up. "Skip-Bo" decks have 162 cards: 18 Skip-Bo cards and 144 cards numbered from 1 to 12. Each card is worth its face value, and Skip-Bo cards are wild. You don't need
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