My Fish Just Had Babies What Do I Do?


After your fish has babies you need to remove them and put them in a breeding net. This will keep them safe from other fish, including their mother, that might eat them.
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Depends on what kind of fish, please give a more specific question.
The first two weeks of life for a little of baby hamsters should be left entirely to the care of the mother hamster. Do not touch the babies under any circumstance during this period
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Buy a Breeding trap from any pet shop submerge it in the tank so it floats near the top and put the babies in there you have and if the Other guppies look like there about to give
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To keep the babies from being ingested by the parents or other fish in your tank, they will need to be seperated. Carefully scoop them out of the tank population, and house them in a seperate tank or specialty nursery tank until they mature well enough to take care of themselves and avoid becoming a meal.
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