My Former Employer Owes Me Money?


If your former employer owes you money, the first step which you should take is to ask the employer directly to redeem to you whatever amount he/she owes you, as the employer may have not payed you by mistake. If you have proof for the hours that you have worked/task you have completed, then you can take the employer to court if he or she refuses to pay you.
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Hate to "Monday morning quarterback" but you really shouldn't have quit until you had either taken the vacation or had been paid for it.Having said that, your rights, if
I would put in on paper. Write/type everything in a formal letter, send it certified mail. That way they will know you mean business. Also, if you have an employee handbook that states
The first step to collect money that is owed to you by an employer is to go to your state's department of labor. You will find the department of labor in your state by going performing
You must pay your debts on time.
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If your former employer owes you money, you may have to contact their human resources department to begin collecting. You may have to contact your state's labor ...
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1. Leave the money in the old employer's 401(k). Although this is not the optimal solution, there is nothing wrong with doing this. Note that some employers have ...
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