My Grandmother by Elizabeth Jennings?


The Poem, My grandmother written by Elizabeth Jennings explores the relationship between a grandmother and a personae. The grandmother owned a antique shop. She loved and cherished this shop more then anything in the world. She loves the shop and she has a better relationship with the shop then anyone she knows. Elizabeth, her granddaughter, does not like going out with her because she feels very guilt. She is worried about what is going to happen when her grandmother dies and no one is there to take care of the shop.
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She was an English poet. (18 July 1926 - 26 October 2001.
You should have pasted it. this poem isn't onlline.
Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV was the paternal grandmother of Queen
The kgb_ is not sure about her true age as there's no accurate info or famous person that's published.
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