How should I write an essay on my greatest challenge?


An essay on your greatest challenge is not as hard to write as it may seem at first. First, decide in your mind what your greatest challenge has been, then make short notes on how or why it happened, what crisis it caused in your life, and what you learned by rising above it. Now that your thoughts are organized, write them in an essay, following the chronological order of the events.
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Life has many great moments! A few from my life
To make everyone else feel the love and faith I feel everyday of my life!
Or, maybe I will challenge a full fledged latin man to be a real man. If any one out there has a handy questionnaire/tip sheet for the definition of a real man, please post it here
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When a person is asked to write a sample essay about himself, he should write about his strengths, weaknesses, future goals and anticipated reactions to challenges ...
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