My Husband Is Immature?


Women tend to be more mature than men, and that can be hard on a marriage. When you have one person that feels like they are more mature, that person will tend to get frustrated. If you feel like your husband is immature you should sit down and talk to him. Your husband may not know what he is doing that you feeel is immature. You should be open and honest with him and let him know what is bothering you.
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It does sound as if he might have a mental disorder or might want to get him professional help. Otherwise, it's simple: Don't Fight With Him. See simple. So say he gets
Men's maturity level is several years behind women's which is why they seem to act immature.
I would not give him what he wants all the time. I agree. Coddling a spoiled brat will not cure him. You need to lay down the law and learn to say no. If he doesn't like it, then
He's probably feeling a bit depressed and hopeless right because of circumstances and rather than seeing how to sort it, he gets bogged down further, making it seem worse. He is obviously
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The best way to deal with an immature husband is to tell him how you are feeling. It is also a good idea to seek the advice of a counselor. ...
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