My PSP Won't Turn on How Do I Fix It?


If your PSP won't turn on, try to charge it first. If it doesn't work, check the battery connections and re align it. Or Swap a new memory card and battery and try updating the firmware online.
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1. Remove the battery and memory stick from the PSP. The battery compartment is located on the rear, while the card reader is on the left side of the device. 2. Insert the magic memory
Make sure the screen isnt cracked or anything. If it isn't then just change the battery. If that doesnt work get it fixed by a professional mechanic.
Try this; You need to:- re-install your custom firmware. (Pandora's battery
1. Plug the monitor into another computer. Power the second computer and see if the monitor functions. Ad. 2. Plug a different monitor into the first computer. Check if the monitor't-Tu...
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How you fix a television that won't turn on depends on what is causing it to not power on. First you should check to make sure that it is plugged in and that the ...
In my experience, you can press and hold the center menu button on you 4th generation 8 gb iPod nano to reset the iPod and make it turn on when it won't come on. ...
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