What does it mean if a son wants to wear panties and a bra?


If a boy is very young and wants to wear panties and a bra, it is most likely he is just playing dress-up to pretend to be like his mom or sister, but if he is much older (nearing puberty), he may be identifying as a transvestite or otherwise transgender. Those terms come with specific distinctions, but all require sympathy, compassion and understanding by the child's parents.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (also known as PFLAG) defines a transvestite, or cross-dresser, as an individual who feels most comfortable dressing as the opposite sex. This can apply to both men and women. This often has no bearing on the person's sexuality, with most identifying as being "straight".

A rarer possibility is what is known as gender dysphoria. Some people may be born as biologically male but feel to the core of their being that they are actually female, or vice versa. This can cause extreme pain, depression and anxiety brought about by the disconnect between their physical bodies and their personal gender identities. To reconcile this, some individuals cross-dress, some receive hormone therapy, and some eventually choose sexual reassignment surgery. What they eventually choose to do is an extremely personal choice.

Whatever the reason, a son who cross dresses needs love and understanding from their parents.

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