What If Son Wants to Wear Panties and a Bra?


If you find that your son wears female undergarments such as bras and panties, it is advisable to have a talk with him explaining that boys should not wear girls' clothes. This is important since your son will want to experiment as he grows but it will be up to you as a parent to provide him guidance. This principle also applies if your son wants to wear a perm or curlers.
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Curlers, bra and panties are all a girl thing to wear. Some boys especially the younger ones admire girls and would love to wear the same as the girls. Explaining to the boy why girls do wear those items could help him get his mind out of that obsession. Some boys wear girls' clothes until when they realized they no longer fit in that society.
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If he is younger than ten, then that is o.k. If he is older, then you might want to talk to him about why that is wrong. A different answer: If he is happy wearing panties it isn't
For one reason or another, your son has become attached to that shirt, and wearing it provides him with the comfort he needs to get him through his school day. Children often use
OH GOSH. Thats so cute. I say let him do it, its his way of creating his own individual personality. If kids do happen to tease, (which I really don't see happening) this could be
My mom and dad try their best to keep me straight. So far the are doing a GREAT job. (thanks mom and dad). What my mom would do is tell me me if I wanna be teased by my friends and
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