My Sprint Bill?


Sprint-Nextel operates as Sprint in the United States. Sprint users can visit Sprint online to manage their Sprint account. Sprint customers can also view and manage their Sprint bill online.
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1. From Sprint's homepage, click "My Sprint, then click "Overview. 2. Go to "Billing & Payment" and choose "Pay Now. 3. On the "Pay Bill" page
1 Go to Sprint's home page at www. If you are a new Sprint user, you will have to sign up for "My Sprint" and create a profile. You will have to create a user
Go to and sign in to your account. Register if yo...
You must go to Sprint's website and do it there or you must go to the store you received the contract and the phone at and pay it there. For more information about paying your Sprint
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You can pay your Sprint bill online by logging into your account on the Sprint website. You can also pay your Sprint bill over the phone. A store location is also an option for paying your bill.
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