My Steering Wheel Shakes at High Speeds?


My steering wheel was shaking at high speeds and it was frightening. The reasons why a sheering wheel shakes at high speeds can vary. Things you can check include the engine mounts, tie rod ends and idler arm, and your brake roters to make sure one or both them is not worm and warped. If your vehicle is a front-wheel drive, the CV joints in the front axle can become worn and may need to be replaced. In vehicles without front-wheel drive, universal joints, or U joints, are used instead of CV joints. 
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Tire out of balance, bent wheel, drive shaft bent, loose or worn steering parts.
a few things can cause it like maybe a worn ball joint or tie rod, they did,nt get the tires balanced right, out of alignment, a bad tire and yes you can get a bad tire. or too much
This could be for several reasons. You could need an alignment done. Or you could need a tire replaced or simply balanced and rotated.
Obviously is not a balanced tire. Take it back to the guy and tell him to do a high-speed balance on it. There are no other options here unless you're willing to deal with the vibration
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