How Do You Fix a Television That Won't Turn on?


How you fix a television that won't turn on depends on what is causing it to not power on. First you should check to make sure that it is plugged in and that the surge protector is turned on. Then check to make sure that the power cable is securely connected to the television.
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Try turning on your television manually, without using the remote control, as the batteries may have died. Make sure the television is properly plugged in and that the socket to which
I had the same problem recently with a Bush tv, my solution is scrap it and buy a new one. 72" is big though, if the tv is still in waranty take it back to the supplier. With
It's not broken, and this happens to mine ALL the time. Just change the aux setting to a random one, and then back to the regular one. It works! ~Taylor♥Swift♥Fan&hearts
If magic focus does not help you have a convergence failure. You can try converging it first, but I doubt that will help. Repair of the convergence is always around $400. (If you
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