The term myometrium refers to the middle uterine wall layer that mainly consists of uterine myocytes cell. The focal myometrial contraction is described as a contraction of uterine wall limiting them to a small area.
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A contraction in your uterine wall that is limited to a small area.
( mī'ō-mē'trē-əl ) adj. Of or relating to the myometrium.
Hi , what does myometrial echotexture is homogeneous mean? it means there is no tumor or any abnormality in uterine muscles .But Endometrium is slightly thick explaining ur heavy
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mī'ō-mē'trē-ăl Relating to the myometrium. ...
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Loperamide is a drug used as an anti peristaltic myometrial. The drug prevents loss of water and electrolytes from the body by working on the μ-opioid ...
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