Mystery Shopping Companies?


There are several legitimate mystery shopper companies out there. If you are hired by one of these companies you will be paid to do to a store and shop in order to see what kind of service you are given. You can find mystery shopping companies on the Internet. Just beware when you are looking for one you are not choosing one that is fake and out to just scam you. Some of the companies will want you send them money before you get started. You should never have to pay to be a mystery shopper.
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1. Start your mystery shopping company by contacting small local businesses. You may send a letter, call or arrive in person. Usually, sending a letter to announce your services works
Mystery shopping is when a shopper goes to a particular store, restaurant etc and evaluates the service received according to some specified criteria. There are many mystery shopping used to do it last year (2008) I have yet to see any shops from them for this year.
1. Do not ever pay an upfront fee to be a mystery shopper with a company. This is a big red flag that the company is probably planning on taking your money and never contacting you
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