N203 is the chemical compound for what is known as Dinitrogen trioxide. The chemical has a very deep blue color.
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dinitrogen trioxide.
N2O or Nitrous Oxide also known as laughing gas, is a weak anaesthetic gas that was first synthesised
you take the formula that you are given & reduce it down to the smallest whole number ratio. since N2O3 can't be reduced to a lower whole number ratio, the answer is. N2O3. =
I do not think that you want the theoretical composition ( What in reality is meant by the term theoretical composition) What I think you want is the % composition: Atomic mass N
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The formula for dinitrogen oxide is N2o3. This is a colorless gas that is mostly nitrogen and oxygen combined. ...
Dinitrogen trioxide is deep blue chemical compound with the formula N2O3. It is used as a rocket propellant. It is a hypergolic propellant that is usually combined ...
Dinitrogen Trioxide has the chemical formula N2O3. It is also known as Nitrous anhydride and nirogen sesquioxide. It is more common as a deep blue liquid substance ...
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