Na2co3 Acid or Base?


Na2CO3 is the chemical formula for Sodium carbonate. The concentration of Na2CO3 in an aqueous solution determines its pH. The standard pH of Na2CO3 is 10. It is a base.
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Na2CO3 is a base. It's pH depends on its concentration in aqueous solution. If you know the concentration, let me know and i can show you how to work out the pH.
Going back to the definition of an acid and base, CO3 -2 has to be
In the calibration you measured a yield of 84.158 % (85/1.01*100) for the amount of gas produced by the decomposition of sodium carbonate. Note that this assumes a pure sample of
1. Label the container you will use to store the acid or base. Make sure to write legibly so that the contents of the jar won't be mistaken. You can use tape and a marker if there
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