Na2HPO4 is the chemical formula for disodium phosphate. This is a water soluble, white powder that is a sodium salt of phosphoric acid. It is commonly added as a anti-caking agent to powdered materials.
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Chemically, this is known as Disodium hydrogen phosphate. It can also be referred to as disodium hydrogen orthophosphate or sodium phosphate dibasic. This compound is not to be confused
You really shouldn't cheat on your chemistry test. Na2hpo4 is Sodiu...
According to Brønsted Lowry any compound that can transfer a proton to any other compound is an acid, and the compound that accepts the proton is a base. Atomically the structure
Na2HPO4 is more commonly known as disodium phosphate or disodium hydrogen phosphate. Well, wikipedia has a whole article on it: Disodium phosphate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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