How to Stop a Nagging Cough?


If you have a nagging cough, put a humidifier in your room at night while you sleep. This will keep the air moist, and thus more breathable. Drink echinacea tea. You can buy over-the-counter cough syrup or cough drops to help. If your cough persists for several days, you cough up green mucus, or it is accompanied by a high fever, you should seek medical attention.
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Seat yourself in a place that you can remain for the next 15-20 minutes. Remove socks, if necessary. Take a generous scoop of Vick's Vap-O-Rub into your hand and massage into the
Things are quite difficult when your cough starts pestering you. When it doesn’t go away, you may even end up sacrificing your personal and professional commitment. You literally
You can have yourself prescribed with an anti-tussive medication.
I know I have allergies for sure. Um, I've tried Zyrtec in the past to no avail. I'm currently on antibiotics
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A nagging dry cough may have one of several root causes. All of the related to irritation of the throat or lungs. Smokers cough can result in a dry hacking cough ...
It is hard to tell what may be wrong if your throat is closing and you feel flush, but you should seek medical attention immediately. The closing of the throat ...
Prescription cough medicine is prescribed by a doctor when there is a cough that is nagging and heavy. Most prescription cough medicine contains codeine which ...
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