How to Make a Nail Cross.?


1. Wipe the oil off of a 2 ½ inch and 1 ½ inch masonry nail. These nails are coated with oil when manufactured to prevent rust. Rust should not be a problem as long as the nails are kept dry. 2. Position the long nail on a flat surface so the wide
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First off Jesus was nailed to a stake not a cross, the cross was not used to torture people till later centuries to come. so in Jesus time period they used a stake or upright poll
1. Choose your favorite colors of nail polish to put on your toes. 2. Lay down some newspaper under your feet in case you make a mess. 3. Paint a base coat with clear nail polish.
Is there something in your heart - between you and the Lord, Are you
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When women nailed to the cross is a sign of Catholic fanaticism. This is what has happened in places such as San Fernando a small town in Bulacan. Church goers ...
To make a horseshoe cross necklace you need a few things. You need horseshoe nails, wire and pliers. The nails are bent at the ends and then wrapped with the wire ...
The bible discusses the history of Jesus and the religion of Christianity. It says that Jesus was nailed to the cross because he Pontius Pilot ordered it done. ...
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