What Is an Example of Name Calling?


An example of name calling is calling someone a dork, nerd, idiot, moron or even insulting their looks. If you see someone calling someone a mean name, they are usually a bully.
Q&A Related to "What Is an Example of Name Calling"
calling someone a liar or something really mean.
1. Act confident around the bully. Bullies tend to prey on kids who appear weak or easily hurt by their teasing. Maintain composure, both physically and emotionally, when approached
1 Think. Ask yourself these questions: "Why should I tell the victim they're a loser?" "Is it right to hurt someone's feelings?" "Will they hurt me back if
The requirement to remove shoes, even flip flops, when going through airport security. In my experience, this is pretty much only practiced here in the US and is absolutely ridiculous
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