What is the name of Merlin Santana's daughter?


Merlin Santana was a Dominican American film and television actor who played the role as Rudy's boyfriend, Stanley, on the Cosby Show. He also played the part of Romeo on The Steve Harvey Show. He was murdered on November 9, 2002 when he was shot in the head over a misunderstanding while sitting in the car with a friend. He left behind one daughter, whose name is unknown in the press. She should be around eleven years old in the year 2013.
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I don't know - but why would you want to know? It sounds really creepy when someone want this sort of information!
merlin santana had a lot 1 of them is ysmell santana.
Carlos Santana has 3 children. His son is Salvador Santana. His daughters
I think she would name her baby something popular or very weird! Isabella. Emma. Ava. skylar. Brinndle. Natalia. or boy. Liam. Wyatt. lucas. Devon. Demetry. Romeo.
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