Name the Compound Cf4?


Tetrafluoromethane is the compound known as CF4. This carbon tetra-fluoride is the simplest fluorocarbon
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Carbon tetrafluoride a.k.a. tetrafluoromethane.
The compound CF4 is Tetrafluoromethane. It is used industrially as a semiconductor in
you can call it EITHER "carbon tetrafluoride" OR "tetrafluoromethane" Both are acceptable names. However, I would call it carbon tetrafluoride for two reasons.
HF- Hydrofluoric acid, is a a weak poisonous liquid acid; formed by solution of hydrogen fluoride in water, a colorless, highly corrosive acid that attacks.
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76% carbon and 13.64% fluorine is the percentage composition of CF4. This substance is called carbon tetrafloride. It is an inorganic chemical compound. ...
I have a love-hate relationship with chemistry. In order to name compounds there are several questions that you have to answer. Some of these include is the compound ...
The compound name for pHO6 is Phosphorous hydoxide. It is not a compound that c. ...
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