How do you match a phone number to a person?


To match a phone number to a person, you can search for a reverse look up on the yellow pages or white pages websites. You can also obtain address and household information from those sources.
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1. Open your favorite browser and visit websites that conduct a reverse search for the owner of a telephone number (see Resources). 2. Read the website's home page and enter the telephone
This is the phone number for Match 1-800-326-5161. This number has the shortest wait time for customer service. Calls can be made Mon-Fri 8 am -5pm CST.
I would suggest that it would primarily be because of public outcry over privacy. Reverse phone lookup services have always received significant criticism. In fact, Google pretty P.O. Box 25472 Dallas, TX 75225. No phone number is
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How to Match a Phone Number With a Name
There are many reasons why you might need to match a phone number with a name. You might have written down a phone number and simply forgot who owns it, or you might have scribbled numbers you saw on street signs while walking or riding a car. There... More »
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