Name Two Capes Located at Africa's Southern Tip?


Cape Agulhas and cape point are the two capes that are located on the southern tip of Africa. Cape Agulhas, is located about 200km to the east of Cape Town. It is in definite fact the southern peak point of terrestrial on the African region. Cape Point is located at the southern tip of the Cape Peninsula; it is often confused by tourists as the 'Southernmost tip of Africa'. It is a much larger tourist attraction than Cape Agulhas due to its proximity to central Cape Town.
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The Cape Peninsula is one although it really refers to a geographical location which is a peninsula separating Table Bay from False Bay. The city of Cape Town and Table Mountain are
They are aptly named the Eastern Cape and Western
!.Westren Cape is the Southern most The southernmost point of Africa is Cape Agulhas, located in the Western Cape Province about 100 mi (161 km) southeast of the Cape of Good Hope
Cape San Lucas. (Cape Catoche and Cape Corrientes are in Mexico and Cape Coral is in southwest Florida).
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The country at the southern tip of Africa is South Africa. It has three capitals. Pretoria (executive) Bloemfontein (judicial) Cape Town (legislative) ...
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