Names for a Womanless Beauty Pageant?


The King of Queens would be a great name for a womanless beauty pageant. You could also call it a stud pageant instead of a beauty pageant. A beauty pageant doesn't really have to have women.
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good names for pageants are should be something that will catch a contestants eye. a good won might be "glitzy girls of America" or it can be something that tells people
I believe it is both fun and serves a good purpose. The public always seems to like males dressed as females for comedic purposes. The public also seems to be entranced with males
Denise Richards was in 1999's Drop Dead Gorgeous.
The Miss Hong Kong 2009 pageant, the 37th Miss Hong Kong pageant will be held in the Hong Kong Coliseum on August 22, 2009. Ten delegates will complete for the title. Placements.
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