How can I trace family names around the world?


Internet resources for tracing famiy names include the Rootsweb World Connect Project, the Mormon church's FamilySearch database, WorldGenWeb and, according to Most of these Internet resources are free of charge.

One resource for tracing family names around the world is the Rootsweb World Connect Project. This site allows family researchers to upload the information they find for others to view. It has over 300,000 family names as part of a searchable database. However, information found through this site should be corroborated by other sites to ensure accuracy.

Another resource is the FamilySearch Records Search, which is maintained by Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This site also features a searchable database as well as a variety of images and indexes, and it offers records from multiple countries.

One of the original online resources for family names is WorldGenWeb. This site was started in 1996 and provides genealogical information from around the world. Records can be searched by country, region, province or state on individual WorldGenWeb pages.

Another popular resource is While ongoing use of this site requires a subscription, the site offers a 14-day free subscription that allows limitless access to over 1 billion family names. Registering for the free trial requires providing the site with a credit card number.

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