What are some names for Sunday school class?


Names for Sunday school class has been a topic of some discussion on numerous websites. Suggestions for alternative names range from traditional to contemporary with references to popular culture. Some of the suggestions include Sunday Morning Live, Funday School, JAM (which stands for Jesus and me), FLIGHT (Finding Life in God's Heavenly Truth), and Sunday Morning Kids Hour. Other suggestions more geared toward adult Sunday school are The Gathering and FISH (Friends in Service to Him).
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1. Choose a Sunday school class that is age appropriate for your personality. For example, some people enjoy teaching a preschool class. 2. Find a person in your church who has experience
1 Ask the children what their favorite Bible passage is. Ad 2 Help them to want to speak out freely by using encouraging words, love, and gentleness. 3 Ask the kids to talk to each
Kid Power. The Flash. The Wave. Future. Project X.
A child actively participating would cooperate with the teacher in having good discipline and listening. If a memory verse is assigned he or she would be able to recite it with a
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