Names of Actors Who Played Tarzan?


The following is a list of names for some actors who played Tarzan. Jim Cummings, Caper Van Dien, Christopher Lambert, Denny Miller, Bruce Bennet, Mike Henry, Lex Barker, Jock Mahoney, Elmo Lincoln, James Piece, Ron Ely, Johnny Weissmuller, Buster Crabbe, Miler Oâ€â&dbquo;¢Keeffe, Gordon Scott, Glenn Morris, Kamuela C. Searle, and Frank Merrill all played the character. There may be other as well. Ladies that played alongside these actors include Glenn Close, Lucy Lawless, and Minnie Driver. There may be others as well.
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Tony Goldwyn was Tarzan in the 1999 movie. Elmo Lincoln
these plus others. Johnny Weismuller, Lex Barker, Ron Ely (in the TV series) Steve Reves, Jock Mahony, Buster Crabbe and Gordon Scott. Christopher Lambert in 'Greystoke, Legend of
His name is Dean Winters and he starred in both the HBO series Oz ( he played convict/fixer Ryan O'Reilly) as well as in the first season of Law & Order:SVU. Reference: http
Kurtwood Smith Contrary to his angry appearence on the show, I heard tha Smith is very laid back. Odd, huh?
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