Names of Composite Volcanoes?


A composite volcano is also known as a stratovolcano. It is called a composite volcano due to the many layers of lava, volcanic ash, pumice and tephra that make up the volcano. Two famous composite volcanoes are Kratatoa and Vesuvius.
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Mt. Vesuvius in Italy and mt. saint Helen's.
Stratovolcano is another word for composite volcano. They both mean a
On April 10, 1815 the largest known volcanic eruption in history occurred when Tambora exploded. From 1812 to 1815 the volcano had lesser eruptions but largely went unnoticed due
Mt Ranier.
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Composite volcanoes are formed during eruptions that emit lava and volcanic rock that flow very slowly. Because of its viscosity this material cools near the volcano ...
A composite volcano is made of alternating layers of rock fragments and lava. It is formed when a repeatedly erupting volcano forces rock fragments to the surface ...
Composite volcanoes, also called stratovolcanoes, are a type of volcano that are formed of volcanic deposits. As lava erupted and the resulting lava hardened, ...
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