Names of Famous Cows?


Throughout the years there have been quite a few famous cows in both works of fiction and real life. One of the most famous cows would be Elsie the Cow who became the poster 'girl' for Borden Dairy products. Elsie has been made into a gigantic bovine statue that can be seen in various dairy festivals and parades around the country. Elsie has also been referred to as Bessie and Flossie. Other famous cows throughout history have been Fuwch Frech, Hathor, and Bully.
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Elsie the cow is the famous cow from Borden milk. She died in a truck-trailer
They known to be producers of richer milk used for creams, they are known to look like deer when they are young.
1. Have the group sit in a circle - the more, the merrier. 2. Start by naming a famous person - for example, Tom Hanks. 3. Go clockwise and have the next player think of a famous
the name of the cow in the magic roundabout is ermintrude
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