Names of German Dances?


There are different traditional or folk dances in Germany, as in other countries. One of them is the Maypole dance in English, in German it is 'Bandertanz'. Another one is the bench dance, which in German is 'Bankltanz'.
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There are many names that are derived from the German language. Some German names are: Lehmann, Schmidt, Gabriele, Meyer, Rolf, and Wagner.
1. Ask older family members for any information they may have about your German ancestry. Sometimes, family stories or names are passed down from generation to generation. 2. Browse
A German Folk Dance. Link to it below.
A cultural dance both in Austria and Germany is called "Schuhplatting" whereby dancers are slapping their shoes and legs in a rhymathic manner....very aerobic.....lots of
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The Germans have a number of traditional dances that are still done during festivals. The Schuhplattler was a dance young men would do to impress unmarried young ...
There are many different types of German dance that each represent a different region in Germany. Some types of German dances include landler, waltz, and polka ...
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