Names of Gourds?


There are many different types of gourds in the world. Gourds have served many different purposes throughout the years, some of them were not for eating. During the Renaissance era, gourds where commonly used a currency amongst the peasant community. A few different names of gourds would be Amphora, Big Max, Blue Banana, Flat White Boer, Golden Delicious, Gelber Zenter, Golias, Green Hubbard, Marina di Chioggia, Orange Früchte, Tondo di Nizza, and Sweet Meat. Pumpkins and squash are close relatives of the gourd and can grow in the same climates and seasons.
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Lagenaria siceraria. is the scientific name of Gourd.
A gourd is a generic name for a variety of herbaceous tendril-bearing vines, and is
John Gourd
The english name is bottle gourd; the scientific name is Lagenaria siceraria. Description: The ipu or gourd is in the gourd family. It is a vegetable and is a relative of the pumpkin
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The scientific name for bitter gourd is Momordica charantia. This fruit is also sometimes referred to as bitter melon or bitter squash. ...
The bottle gourd is known by many other names, including the white flowered gourd, the guava bean, and the edible Calabash gourd. This plant is a climbing vine ...
The definition of gourde is the basic monetary unit of Haiti. It is equivalent to 100 centimes. The name originates from the French noun gourd which means heavy, ...
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