What are the names of some Mexican dances?


Mexican dances, or more commonly referred to as, Latin dances, are part of the culture of Latin Americas and abroad. Many of these dances have also been adopted by westerners. A few Mexican dance names would be the Rumb, Cueca, Conga, Ace, Tao, Lindy, Jig, Waltz, Bolero, Danzon, Corrido, Limbo, Polka, Bamba, Bambuca, Fado, Escondido, Fandango, Gato, Guajira, and the Faruca. All of these dances derived form Latin culture and have been used in different events such as wedding celebrations, birthdays, and holidays.
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The Jarabe Tapatio, known in English as the Mexican Hat Dance, is the name of a
1. Make a wooden platform for the stage. Wood under the feet resounds like a drum to the rhythm. 2. Put on traditional costumes. The man puts on a cowboy or charro suit, in black
The Mexican Hat Dance is a Mexican dance where a man and a woman are dancing around a sombrero, kicking and flirting, and wearing Poblana's (womens costume) and men wear a Charro
Aerial Dance - http://en.wikipedia.org/w. iki/Aer. There are a bunch of groups in the bay area doing this kind of dance including Project Bandaloop - http://projectbandaloop.o. rg
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