Names of Ocean Plants?


The ocean is filled with underwater plant life that serves as food and shelter for many creatures of the sea. Kelp is an ocean plant that grows in cold coastal waters. It is the biggest marine plant in the world and has been known to reach a height of 250 feet. Kelp is also the fastest growing plant in the world. Seaweed is another ocean plant. It is a form of microscopic algae called phytoplankton. Seaweed has been harvested for years by humans to be consumed as food, used as shelter, and even used for medicinal purposes.
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kelp, algae are both examples of ocean plants.
Kelp is the largest of all ocean plants. Found in the colder ocean waters, the plant grows up to 250 feet in length and is very fast growing. Kelp is usually brown in color and lives
plankton (plants and animals) "The most abundant plants in the ocean are known as phytoplankton. These are usually single-celled, minute floating plants that drift throughout
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Kelp is one of the plants that live in temperate oceans. Kelp is a form of algae. Another plant that lives in temperate oceans is coral plants. Coral provides ...
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There are basically two different kinds of plants that grow in the ocean. There's the type that have roots and stick to the ocean bottom and those that float around ...
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