How to Name Simple Organic Compounds?


The names of organic compounds make up a vast list. These include simple chemical compounds such as sodium and hydrogen. These make up sodium hydroxide.
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1. IUPAC allows someone to determine the name of a compound from the formula and visa versa. First find the LONGEST straight chain or MAIN ring of carbon atoms. This will be your
An organic compound can be any member of a large class of chemical compounds that contain carbon. Thus, organic chemistry is the science dealing with all aspects of organic compounds
1 Learn how to name hydrocarbons . Halo carbons, organic compounds containing one or more halo gens, are named using the same procedure. Take the name of the element attached (chlorine
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Organic compounds contain carbon and they all have different names and uses. Using the IUPAC method of naming organic compounds, you name substances differently ...
The organic compounds are benzene and phenol, not phenyl. The benzene is named as a mono substitution and placed on groups of and used as a prefix. The compound ...
Organic compounds got their name because most occur in nature or are biological in nature. The distinguishing feature of organic compounds is the carbon-hydrogen ...
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