What are some names of prescription cough syrups?


There are many different prescription cough syrups. Some different brand names include Tussionex,Tussicaps, Hytan, Novasus, and S-T Forte. These are cough syrups that have hydrocodone in them, and are typically prescribed for symptoms of lung cancer.
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It probably depends on what country you're in. Tussionex is very popular and expensive. Source(s) Used to take it.
Hydcodan, Tussigon, and Mycodene are examples of
If you are concerned about your cough, call your doctor's office or insurance advice nurse to discuss your symptoms and see if they want you to set up an appointment. If it is a minor
Not Medical Advice: Codeine is the active ingrediant in Cheratussin AC. It is a narcotic cough suppressant and a Class C controlled substance. Ask us,
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