Names of Skin Disease?


Skin diseases can range from moderate to severe. some skin diseases are far more severe than others and can have quit disturbing appearances such as Hypertrichosis which hair that covers the entire body, including the face. This skin condition is also known as 'Human Werewolf Syndrome.' Skin blisters are another skin ailment that usually occurs due to some form of burn or skin friction. Other skin conditions include acne, cellulite, tun giasis, eczema, elephantitus, argyria, human pappiloma virus, gangrene, and leprosy.
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Skin Cancer, eczema, atopic dermatitis, acne to name a few.
Xeroderma is a very mild form of ichthyosis that can develop at any time. It is not inherited or associated with any physical abnormalities, According to the Merck Online Medical
Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder that causes white patches to
its neurofibromatosis. its not viral nor fall off, same as skin color and they are not itchy.. but definitely it cannot be cured or treated... why are you so interested on that skin
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Several skin diseases can discolor your skin. Vitiligo is one in which the skin, eyes and hair lose melanin. (the color pigment). Albinism produces little to no ...
Not bathing or having poor hygiene habits in your home can cause various diseases, especially to your skin. Parasites find a place to live when the body is not ...
If a Pomeranian has black skin diseases it can be treated. The treatment will vary depending on what causes the disease. For the most part the vet can write up ...
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