Names of Spanish Dances?


There are many different Spanish dances. Some of the names include: Flamenco, Jota, Seguidilla, Bolero, Muneira, and the Fandango.
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Flamenco. Fandango, Jota, Sardana, Zambra, Sevillanas, and Paso Doble are all variations on Flamenco dancing.
1. Enroll in a Spanish dance class, which may be separated out into sections for children and adults. Classes such as those taught by Carmen de Vicente (See Reference 1) may involve
Bolero, Chaconne, Fandango, Farruca, Jota, Malaguena, Matachin,
1 Dad. Dad is said like "papá" (PAH-PAH). Ad 2 Mom. Mom is said like "mamá" (MAH-MAH). 3 Brother. Brother is said like "el hermano" (her-MAH-NOH
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