Names of Spanish Dances?


There are many different Spanish dances. Some of the names include: Flamenco, Jota, Seguidilla, Bolero, Muneira, and the Fandango.
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Flamenco. Fandango, Jota, Sardana, Zambra, Sevillanas, and Paso Doble are all variations on Flamenco dancing.
1. Listen to the music and clap your hands, once you think you have the beat. Focus on the clapping for a while and then start to move your shoulders and upper body with the rhythm.
Bolero, Chaconne, Fandango, Farruca, Jota, Malaguena, Matachin,
1 Dad. Dad is said like "papá" (PAH-PAH). Ad 2 Mom. Mom is said like "mamá" (MAH-MAH). 3 Brother. Brother is said like "el hermano" (her-MAH-NOH
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