What are some names of trees?


A list of tree names will include the Black alder, the Common Alder, the European Alder, the Japanese Alder, the Manchurian Alder, The Tag Alder, the Almus, The American snowdrop tree, the Amur Maacki, the Flowering Apricot, and the Eastern Arborvitae. The Giant Arbovitae, the American Arbovitae, the Green Ash, the White Ash, the American Beech, the English Beech, the European Beech, The Fernleaved Beech, the Japanese Beech, the Weeping European Beech, the White Asian Birch, the Canoe Birch, and more.
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Also known as July Pippin or Yellow Juneating, Early Harvest apples appear of the tree in June and ripen in late June to early July. These apples have tender flesh and bruise easily
beech plywood.
Their is a whole bunch of different nuts, each come from their own respective tree. You would have to be more specific as to which type of nut.
The name would be Cordia spp.
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