Nasal Voice?


Nasal voice is a type of sound made by the human voice characterized by speech with a quality to it. Its a way one's voice sounds with a cold, or with a stuffy nose. It can occur naturally due to genetic variation.
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1. Talk to your family and friends about your speech quality and ask for their opinion. Remember that American accents are typically more nasal than British ones. Your speech may
A nasally sounding voice can be caused by chronic sinusitis, chronic colds, a
Himesh Reshamiya.
Some individuals who have a nasal voice seek therapy to decrease the nasal quality of their speech. Nasal voice therapy includes exercises to strengthen the velum. Speech prosthesis
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There could be a number of causes of a nasally voice. Someone may have a nasally voice if they have a deviated septum. It could also be a result of chronic sinusitis ...
You can get an operation in order to modify your hard or soft palate in order to reduce a nasal tone in a speaking voice. You can go to a cosmetic surgeon in order ...
Some of the symptoms of chronic nasal congestion are a hoarse voice, difficult breathing, persistent cough, frequent sneezing, bad breath, dizzines and swollen ...
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