How Much Money Do NASCAR Drivers Make?

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While the salaries of MLB, NFL and NBA athletes are trumpeted throughout the press regularly, you'll find that it's much more difficult to get a bead on NASCAR drivers' salaries.
The driver normally gets anywhere from 35 to 50 percent of
Answer Daytona 500(Daytona ,FL)-$1,445,250 Auto Club 500(California)-$342,316 UAW Dodge 400(Las Vegas)-$415,386 Kobalt Tools 500(Atlanta)-$233,461 Food City 500(Bristol)-$179,400
­­­­­­­ Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR How can NASCAR afford to pay some drivers millions of dollars each year? Lots of people drive fast simply
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The prize money of NASCAR drivers varies from one race to another. It will also depend on the number of sponsors. The salary of a popular NASCAR driver is around $12 million.
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