Nasty Questions for Truth or Dare?


Many adults like to play a nasty version of Truth or Dare. In the game, players take turns answering Truth or Dare. When they pick truth, a nasty question could be how many times they've had sex.
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Dare someone to run around the garden at 12am exactly, stark naked. Or,
Planning on roping the two boys you picked up at the playground into inappropriate contact eh? I'd say your best bet is to turn yourself in to the nearest police station and consider
Good truth questions: What’s the strangest dream you've ever had? When did you have your 1st kiss? What
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Some nasty truth or dare's would be to ask a person if they swallow or spit. This is very, very dirty and should only be used with people that you know very well ...
Truth or Dare is a game popular among adolescents and children. Good Truth or Dare questions are available at . ...
Truth or Dare is a popular game among teenagers. During the game a player must pick either truth or dare, if they pick dare they are given a task they must complete ...
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