How do you get discharged from the National Guard?


Title 32 of U.S. code 323 stipulates that when a member of the National Guard ceases being a member according to section 301, the member's federal recognition is withdrawn. Failure to attend required National Guard weekend training puts a soldier at risk for discharge. In such a situation he would first receive official notification that encourages him to return to active participation with his unit.

After a soldier has received notification concerning his absence, he has 30 days to respond. If there is no response, the soldier's file goes into an official review process. Such soldiers are labeled as unsatisfactory participants.

Soldiers processed for discharge potentially have to repay government compensation earned during their time of inactivity.

Investigation of officers of the National Guard for general fitness to serve in their current capacities is possible at any given time. These investigations are usually conducted by higher-ranking officers in the National Guard, Army or Air Force. A discharge of this nature only happens if the board findings are unfavorable and approved by the current president.

If any member of the Army National Guard or Air Force National Guard is transferred to either the Army or Air Force Reserve, his federal recognition as a Guard member is withdrawn.

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How to Get Discharged From the National Guard
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