What is the date of National Kiss Day?


National Kiss Day, or National Kissing Day, is held on July 6. The purpose of the holiday is for every participant to make an effort to receive a kiss at least once during this 24-hour period.

According to the National Kissing Day website, all types of kisses qualify for National Kissing Day, including pecks on the cheek, romantic kisses and platonic kisses from family members. Kisses may also be for any purpose, such as saying hello or goodbye.

The only rule that must be followed for National Kissing Day is to ensure that both parties are wiling participants in the kiss. Kisses may be private and do not have to be shared with others in order to "count."

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July 6th is known as National Kiss Day. However, this year, with the swine flu epidemic, I imagine there were even less participants than normal.
it is april 30.
National Kiss Day will be celebrated this year on April 28, 2009. It's a day
July 6th is National Kissing Day in the United Kingdom. This holiday has recently been adopted worldwide making July the 6th the International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day. The idea
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