How to Lower Androgens Naturally?


Androgens are the male hormones that control the development of the male characteristics in humans. To naturally reduce the androgens, you should consume more low-fat and low-protein foods. Also make use of various herbs such as black cohosh, chasteberry, dong quai, saw palmetto etc.
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1. Increase your intake of soy-containing foods, including tofu and soy-based protein powder. Soy has been shown to lower testosterone levels in mice, according to a study done at…. I used spironolactone (spiro) when I was pre-op. It did a good job of reducing body hair for me, your mileage may vary. I would like
Androgen Receptor Blockers block the pathway of androgens by competitively binding to androgen receptor sites in cells and tissues and thereby inhibiting the harmful effects of androgens
DIM: It balances estrogen AND it is the strongest anti-androgen
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Foods that are natural beta blockers include foods such as bananas, potatoes, white beans, raisins and orange juice. Celery, fish, water, chamomile tea, beef liver ...
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