Natural Appetite Stimulant?


There are numerous herbs that have been proven to work as natural appetite stimulants for those that are looking to increase their appetite and promote healthy digestion. Some of the best herbs to take for this purpose include blessed thistle, alfalfa, fenugreek, horehound, centaury, and gentian. If you decide to take these herbs in capsule form, it is very important to follow the dosing instructions so you do not take too much. Taking too much of any of these herbs can cause negative side effects.
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During the normal aging process, the senses of smell and taste decline, contributing to a loss of pleasure in eating. This process can result in a loss of appetite in the elderly
In asking this question, I am requesting personal experiences with use of safe natural (-legal-) appetite stimulants. Thank you Some background: My 16 year old son is taking
1 Exercise. It does not have to be a formal workout, or even high intensity. Ad 2 Look at cookbooks, health magazines, or cooking websites. Simply observing pictures of food can stimulate
Maybe it's just me but I always find that I get hungry after eating an apple. Apples are also good for you. Try to eat small, often, and with plenty of variety. If you are not that
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Natural Appetite Stimulants for Dogs
While most dogs "wolf" down their food, there are those who are finicky and picky eaters. Some are just hard keepers, difficult to keep weight on. Dogs recuperating from illness may not have much appetite, but need to eat to gain strength. For those who... More »
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