Natural Remedies for Itchy Eyelids?


Itchy eyelids can be quite the discomfort for those who experience it. Instead of putting in medicated eye drops, there are numerous home remedies for itchy eyelids that you can try out. Often times itchy eyelids are the result of eye strain. Some of the best home remedies to take away your discomfort is applying a cold and damn cloth to your eyes. You can also apply cold cucumber slices to your closed eye. Another method is using warm chamomile tea bags on your eyes.
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Try putting a little Vaseline on it. THAT usually Helps. : Source(s) Personal Experience.
I had the same problem. What is recommended is johnson baby shampoo and mix it with alittle warm water and mix well. Take a q-tip and dip it in and clean your eyelid especially around
Not medical advice: Ear mites in dogs often cause excessive scratching in the ears. Soak a cotton ball in mineral oil and gently swab the ear canal. report this answer. Updated on
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